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Owasso, Ok

Thank you so much for providing the wheelchair for my abuelito. 

Cushing OK_edited.jpg

Cushing, Ok

"Aunt in her new [lift]chair she loves it"


Muskogee, Ok

"Again thanks so much for the bed and going out of your way to bring it Muskogee. Mom is home [from the hospital] today and thrilled with the bed."


"Sadie and the Team at the Outreach Service Hub of Oklahoma have been a great help to the Residents at Shadybrook. They have provided a holiday meal on a couple of occasions and the Residents bragged about how good it was! Also, they have helped Residents obtain equipment that they may not have been able to afford or go out to get on their own. The equipment has helped them remain as safe and independent as possible. And the fact that they are able to take gently used equipment that Residents no longer need is a bonus- it would be thrown away otherwise! OSHO is a brilliant idea and a great benefit to the community.

Scott Godkins, Service Coordinator, Shadybrook Retirement Community, Tulsa"

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Sand Springs, Ok

My Grandpa was unable to get in/out of bed without assistance. He lives at home with his wife (my grandma). She has had shoulder surgery and was unable to help assist or lift him out of bed. A hospital bed would help him to get in and out of bed with little to no assistance at all. OSHO gifted my grandpa a hospital bed. They also helped transport and install the bed free of charge. We can never thank them enough for giving my Grandpa part of his independence back!

chair donation_edited.jpg


Thank you soooo much for the walker and [wheel]chair. My dad said today has been so much better with the walker. He hasn't been outside in over a month so I plan to use the chair to take him on evening walks. I can't tell you enough how much that means to us both! 


Sapulpa, Ok

My husband and I wish to take this time to write this letter. We are so extremely grateful to OSHO for providing the goods and services to us. We have received numerous needed items such as rollators and wheelchairs which have helped us. In addition we have been provided incontinent pads which have helped us tremendously.  We have no idea how our lives would be today if Sadie and OSHO had not been there for us. Thanks so very much.

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