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Shariece Proctor

Shariece Proctor is the owner of Proctor's Advanced Care Services. She strives to help disabled individuals with transportation services and provides in-home personalized care. She has a servant's heart because she loves assisting in any way she can.

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Committee & Volunteer President

Shariece's love for seniors began at a young age. When she was in high school, Shariece pursued her CNA license. Her passion would lead her to get her Emergency Medical Technician License (EMT) in 2013. She has over a decade of professional experience working in senior communities, including nursing homes. As time went on, she identified the need for more personalized care in the homes of seniors and found that many of them had difficulties getting to-and-from appointments. This led her to start her own business as an entrepreneur.

Shariece met Sadie in 2023 when she decided to be a Phantom of the Opera Rose Ceremony sponsor. As she would later state, “my heart connected from across the room when I heard her speak about helping others and her dreams with OSHO.” The sponsorship allowed her to network and expand her dreams for her business endeavors with Proctor’s Advanced Care Services, “It has been absolutely amazing for my dreams for Proctor's Advanced Care Services.” OSHO has also assisted her friends & family with the donations. Since the Rose Ceremony, Shariece has been a consistent volunteer. She has helped deliver medical equipment, organize and clean the OSHO Distribution House, and recycle equipment.
Sadie describes Shariece as, “fun-loving, adventurous, hardworking, and charismatic. These are the qualities needed for a Committee & Volunteer President. This is a nontraditional position for a Board, but I think it’s important that our volunteers and interns have an advocate outside the Executive Director. Someone who also has a voice and voting power on their behalf. Our volunteers and interns are an integral part of OSHO’s success. They need someone reliable, business-driven, but also relatable.”
“I am honored to be a part of such an amazing team of caring individuals!!” – Shariece.


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