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Equipment & Supplies

We accept medical equipment and then redistribute it to people with a need.


In the past years, we have cooked a homecooked meal and then delivered them. This year (2024) we are considering moving it Christmas.

Social Work Internships

Giving out equipment and cooking are the easy parts of what we do, but what happens behind the scenes? Micro level social work skills are being used daily to ensure sustainability. We have to make sure stakeholders are engaged,  funders, and program development are taking place. 

Outreach Home Visits

We do outreach visits in the comfort of your home so  that will help maximize your healthcare benefits.

Community Education

We partner with other healthcare professionals  to do community education. We know the healthcare has a lot to understand so we want to make it easy and accessible. 


We love our volunteers! We plan fun events, sort through neat medical equipment, upcycle & craft using left over supplies. 

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