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Honoring those who "Rose" to the occasion and those who passed.

At the end of 2023, OSHO put on the first Phantom of the Opera Rose Ceremony. The event served many purposes. The first being that everyone, including healthcare workers, can put on a mask throughout the day but underneath it all, everyone has their own medical issues. Everyone has a situation that is not ideal. This unites us. The second, is the awareness of the unnecessary medical waste in our community and how we can partner together to change this. The third, and most important, honoring those who passed away.  Their donations to OSHO was/is what makes OSHO successful. It's important to honor them, their life achievements, and acknowledge the caregivers they left behind.  Fourth, commemorating all the donation receivers, donors, & volunteers through a rose ceremony. The outpouring of attendees, sponsors, and an unsolicited offering proved the need for OSHO's sustainability. 

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2023-2024 Rose Sponsors

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