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OSHO's goal is to bridge the gap between healthcare and your everyday life. We want you to understand what is available and how to maximize your benefits on a budget.

1. What is an outreach visit?

An outreach visit is a  visit that is customized to your needs & situation.  We can  address your questions, bring handouts & applications, and make referrals to help maximize your benefits.

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3. How long does an outreach visit last?

Outreach visit's don't have a time-frame. We try not to rush any of our visits  so that we can  address your questions and give you time to process the information.

2. What type of outreach visits are there?

There are 4 types of outreach visits:

1. Home visits - We can come to you in the comfort of your own home.

2. Virtual visits - We can do a Zoom conference. 

3. Mobile visits - For a more time-friendly option, we offer text messaging or phone  calls.

4. Combination visits - if you need to meet in person but would like to involve family members who can't be present, we can do a mix of virtual and text. We try to be as accommodating as possible. 

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4. What is the price of an outreach visit?

We know that everyone's situation is different so we don't set a price. however, we have a suggested donation of $25. 

5. What topics are covered in an outreach visit?

We can talk about insurance, home health therapy services, hiring caregivers, hospice and end of life care, VA benefits, Medicaid, rehab & skilled nursing, assisted livings, nursing home payments, how to avoid probate, obtaining a Power of Attorney and much more. 

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