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Who We Are

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OSHO's mission is to utilize healthcare outreach, social service collaboration, and recycling efforts to reduce the harm and negative effects on Oklahomans with medical conditions diagnosed or undiagnosed. 

OSHO's Mission

OSHO envisions Oklahomans living in a greener world with access to their healthcare needs in a manner in which they understand and feel supported.

OSHO's Vision



We believe we should treat all people as very important people because everyone has a special purpose in this life.

A ttitude

Our words and actions matter.  We believe that it is "what you say," "how you say it," and "when you say it" that matters so we should choose to remain kind in our delivery with our actions to match.

L ongevity

We believe our programs are created to be sustainable so that Oklahoman's have access to the supplies they need, when they need them.

U rgency

OSHO believes effective timing & communication is key when helping the community with health needs.

E ngagement

We believe engagement with the community is essential to understanding the barriers we strive to overcome.

S ervant Leadership

We believe filling the gap should be done with a servants heart and leadership align, which is through  mindfulness, eagerness, and willingness in all aspects of our lives.

MeetOSHO'sBoard of Directors

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