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Equipment & Supplies

OSHO's goal is to reduce medical waste in landfills and ultimately keep people safe while doing so! 

1. Where does our equipment & supplies come from?

OSHO accepts equipment/supplies from nursing homes, assisted living facilities, independent living communities, home health, hospice, and other aging communities. Special consideration for private donors.

Most of our items come from people who passed away on hospice and we redistribute them in    their   honor.

2. What items does OSHO not accept?

OSHO does NOT accept equipment/supplies that have been exposed to cigarette smoke, rodents, harmful chemicals, mildew, mold, high temperatures, and other unsanitary environments.

OSHO does not accept clothing items or items that come in contact with the mouth. 


4. Who qualifies for our equipment & supplies?

Anyone with a need.  We give to people in need regardless of income, insurance,  employment, or diagnosis.

"If we have it and you need it, we give it." - Founder


5. How does OSHO determine what a "need" is?

Anyone who has a medical condition, diagnosis or undiagnosed, that experiences negative side effects or is at risk of harm is someone who OSHO believes has a "need." 

6. What does it cost ?

3. What does OSHO do with items that can't be reused?

OSHO scraps/recycles, repurposes, or upcycles them to help avoid landwaste.


All of OSHO's equipment & supplies are free. Since they were donated to us, we donate them you.

*** Although our items are free for you, it's important that we all recognize that these items are the   Gift   of those who died & given the community a second chance at safety, comfort, and quality. ***

7. How does OSHO get funding?

OSHO operates through individual donations, private donors, in-kind donations, and grants.


As of April 2024,  we are slowly accepting donated equipment and supplies again. We look forward to serving you. If we cannot provide you with what you need, please check out the places below.

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