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Dr. Robby Hedrick

Dr. Robby Hedrick is the Director of Transition Services at Coffee Bunker, a non-profit organization that provides a community of support and resources for veterans and their families. His mission is to connect businesses and non-profits with the outstanding talent that comes from the military; and to help veterans transition to meaningful and fulfilling careers in Tulsa and the U.S.


Dr. Robby Hedrick has over 15 years of experience in leadership, executive management, and cross-functional team leadership. He has a doctoral degree in education from Baylor University for Educational Learning and Organizational Change. This is supplemented by his MBA from Oklahoma Christian University and a master’s in organizational leadership from the University of Oklahoma.
He directs, defines, collects, and analyzes data points to ensure the success of the Bunker's Transition Services Program. This includes the development, planning, implementation, and evaluation of the program system, procedures, activities, and funding. Dr. Robby Hedrick also identifies and implements process improvements, projects, strategic plans, and market development opportunities for the Bunker.

He met the founder of OSHO through his wife, Lacey, who is also a medical social worker. Lacey understands the same type of barriers and experiences the trauma of not being able to provide her patients with needed items because of insurance barriers and systematic oppression.

“I believe in Sadie's generosity and sincere passion to serve others through OSHO.” – Dr. Robby Hedrick.

“I am most excited to serve on the Board of Directors for OSHO because it is another opportunity for me to give back to the community that has given us all so much. I know at times everyone can use a little help.  If this small act of service can benefit others then it is my honor to be a part of this organization and serve.” – Dr. Robby Hedrick.


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