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Donate Equipment & Supplies 

 OSHO accepts:

  • Equipment/supplies from

    • nursing homes,

    • assisted living facilities,

    • independent living communities,

    • home health/patients,

    • hospice/patients, and

    • other aging communities.

    • Special consideration of private individuals

OSHO does NOT accept:

  • Equipment/supplies that have been exposed to

    • cigarette smoke,

    • rodents,

    • harmful chemicals,

    • mildew or mold,  and

    • unsanitary environments.

Examples include but are not limited to exposure to mice, bed bugs, & roaches; an excessive amount of garbage/trash, clutter/hoarding, feces, and foul odors.

  • broken or appear to be broken items.

  • missing pieces or partially working equipment.


Example: bent legs, missing screws, exposed wiring...​

After completing this form, please text Sadie at 918-813-6011 to ensure form completion went through.

Donate Equipment & Supplies to OSHO

If a section doesn't apply to you, please click "next" until you get to the "Submit" button.

We are very grateful you are interested in donated to us and we look forward to the impact they will make for Oklahomans!
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