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About Us

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History - Donations

Medical Equipment

Outreach Service Hub of Oklahoma (OSHO) started out as a hobby during COVID. Sadie began collecting durable medical equipment (DME) and supplies from people who no longer needed them and even if they were unusable, she thought they could be repurposed. She redistributed the reusable items to people in need. She gave out wheelchairs, walkers, commodes, power chairs, hospital beds, and unopened bags of incontinence supplies.

Many people who received items from OSHO were home health patients who had been in the hospital or skilled nursing facility and couldn't get what they needed. They needed medical equipment in order to be safe at home but

 insurance either wouldn't cover the cost and/or the patient didn't meet criteria. This made many people vulnerable to re-hospitalizations. 

History - Educational Outreach


Over the course of a year or two, her hobby became much more than just giving out DME. Sadie began doing Medical Outreach Visits for the aging and connecting them to services.

OSHO hosted educational sessions at the Broken Arrow, OK library. OSHO created a panel of disciplines in their respected field to talk about misconceptions and access to services. 

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History - Thanksgiving 

Home Delivered Meal

Many caregivers experience caregiver fatigue, also known as burn out, especially around the holidays.


In hopes to decrease this fatigue, Sadie began cooking Thanksgiving meals  that would be delivered. She planned to make 50 meals the first year, but the community came together by donating all the food and helping her deliver meals. The first year was over 300 meals and the following years were approximately 500 - 700 meals. 

History - Sustainability

Building a Foundation

Due to the amount of charity work OSHO was accomplishing, Sadie pursued a nonprofit fiscal sponsorship with Oklahoma Harm Reduction Alliance (OKHRA) 2022-2023. OSHO began operating as a nonprofit through OKHRA and rented out their first distribution house located in Sand Springs, OK. It  was approximately 1,000 square feet and moved thousands of supplies in and out over the course of that 1 year.

At the end of 2023, OSHO put on their first Phantom of the Opera Rose Ceremony. This event was meant to honor those who "Rose" to the occasion of keeping other's safe in the midst of obstacles.  The outpouring of attendees, sponsors, and an unsolicited offering proved the need for OSHO to become sustainable on it's own. 

At the beginning of 2024, OSHO filed for it's own 501c3 nonprofit status

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History - Recycling


If we can't use an item then we recycle it, scrap it, repurpose it, or upcycle it.

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